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Segmental Retaining Walls

PaverScape has been installing structural retaining walls in Central Florida since 1995. We offer retaining wall designs and turnkey installation services throughout the state of Florida, utilizing the highest quality materials and practices to ensure an attractive and functional finished structure.

Our retaining wall specialists are experts at constructing and designing retaining wall structures that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping, resulting in structures that not only offer much-needed functionality, but that can enhance the overall landscape design as well.

Retaining walls can be designed using a variety of materials that add dimension, depth and interest to your project. We can construct and create low level non critical retaining walls, roadway, GRS-IBS, and tiered retaining wall systems. 

FDOT Bridge Wall Construction (GRS-IBS):

Instead of conventional bridge support technology, Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Integrated Bridge System (IBS) technology uses alternating layers of compacted granular fill material and fabric sheets of geotextile reinforcement to provide support for the bridge. GRS also provides a smooth transition from the bridge onto the roadway, and alleviates the "bump at the bridge" problem caused by uneven settlement between the bridge and approaching roadway. The technology offers unique advantages in the construction of small bridges, including:

  • Reduced construction time and cost, with costs reduced 25 to 60 percent from conventional construction methods
  • Easy to build with common equipment and materials; easy to maintain because of fewer parts
  • Flexible design that's easily modified in the field for unforeseen site conditions, including unfavorable weather conditions

Terraced Retaining Walls

Terraces are a pleasing way to build a taller retaining wall where aesthetics dictate the separation of walls to reduce the wall height and large mass appearance. Closely spaced terraces need to be reviewed by a qualified engineer to avoid global instability issues and to make sure soil reinforcement (geogrids) are properly designed to handle the loads for the entire wall structure. Terraced walls should be analyzed as a complete wall system versus individual walls unless they are spread apart greater than twice the wall height of each terrace and the soils are free draining and granular in nature.

Natural Florida Stone Retaining Walls

Callida Stone is a natural quarried Florida limestone that is porous and qualifies as locally indigenous material. Its natural beauty sets itself apart from all other stone products and easily stacks as a retaining wall by utilizing stone cutting technology to yield many different sizes and thicknesses.

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