Retaining Walls


Installing structural retaining walls in Central Florida since 1995.

We offer retaining wall designs and turnkey installation services throughout the state of Florida, utilizing the highest quality materials and practices to ensure an attractive and functional finished structure.

Our retaining wall specialists are experts at constructing and designing retaining wall structures that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping, resulting in structures that not only offer much-needed functionality, but that can enhance the overall landscape design as well.

Retaining walls can be designed using a variety of materials that add dimension, depth and interest to your project. We can construct and create low level non critical retaining walls, roadway, GRS-IBS, and tiered retaining wall systems.

Big Blocks

Verti-Block is ideal for residential communities, commercial campuses, schools, parks, back yards, and more.

Able to accommodate winding landscapes and even tight curves, Verti-Block is designed to add interest to any landscape while securely retaining earth. For projects also requiring a privacy wall, Verti-Block allows fencing or walls to be constructed directly on top of the Verti-Block structure. Fencing can be placed right on the edge of the wall for an attractive, continuous space.

To learn more about Verti-Block, please visit their website.

Big Block Retaining Walls


Live Vegetated Reinforced Walls Orlando

Live Vegetated Reinforced Walls

Embrace nature with our green-friendly solution for challenging applications.

These walls offer flexible facing options or terraces, creating a natural environment for sustainable vegetation and allowing stormwater infiltration. A properly engineered vegetated wall, combined with the strength of dense vegetation, provides long-term reinforcement equivalent to conventional retaining walls or slope reinforcement techniques.


Natural Stone Walls

Callida Stone is a natural quarried Florida limestone that is porous and qualifies as locally indigenous material. Its natural beauty sets itself apart from all other stone products and easily stacks as a retaining wall by utilizing stone cutting technology to yield many different sizes and thicknesses.

Retaining Walls Natural Stone orlando


Segmental Walls Palencia St Augustine

Segmental Walls

The staple of our business and the most cost effective system.

These modular block walls are ideal for vertical grade changes, handling all challenges, including multiple terraces, canal embankments, roadways, and critical load designs. The walls can be designed and constructed as gravity retaining walls (conventional) or reinforced soil retaining walls, with optional soil reinforcement extending into the backfill, enabling the construction of significantly taller walls.


Temp Wire Walls & Gabion Baskets

Efficient and straightforward installation with minimal equipment and labor requirements.

They accommodate curves, angles, or steps, and the facing and soil reinforcement systems allow for the installation of culverts, piles, or other site requirements. Gabion Baskets, made of galvanized steel, double-twisted, woven wire mesh filled with 4-8 inch stone, are versatile for various applications, including retaining walls, terraces, decorative columns, seating benches, and water bank protection.

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