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Erosion Control

Articulating Concrete Block (ACB's)

Articulated concrete blocks are revetment systems that can be made in a wide variety of shaped and thickness. It also can be defined as a grid of interconnected concrete block units used for erosion protection of embankments or slopes. The articulated blocks are connected by cables, geotextiles or geogrids, including typically a geotextile membrane underlayment that allows hydraulic infiltration and exfiltration to occur while providing particle retention. The blocks are made of precast concrete and cast into interlocking or non-interlocking shapes.

Geo Web

Geo Web is a proven cost-effective solution for all of your erosion and soil stability needs. The system provides a structurally-stable environment for infill and effective, long-term solution for controlling erosion on embankments. Applications for GeoWeb products include the protection of: Slopes, Shorelines, Channels, Roadway & Roadway Shoulders, and Surface Scour.

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